A message to Fullerton Residents

A handful of other Fullerton residents and I have taken it upon ourselves to examine the legal documents and accounting records for the leased Brea Dam property.  The findings (sadly) confirmed what I had suspected for many years — a long trail of incompetence, corruption, greed, cronyism, and illegal conduct by City of Fullerton administrators, up to and including our current City Manager.

This website contains the documentation for everyone to see for themselves.

While the Brea Dam issues pose significant problems for Fullerton, after reading this site I think you’ll agree this is not the actual problem — rather a symptom of much bigger troubles past, present, and future.  In many ways, this is the manner in which City Hall functions on a day-to-day basis.  That is not to say the City of Fullerton doesn’t have good employees.  We have a lot of them, but their efforts are frequently undermined by their superiors who don’t value integrity and accountability in others.

The only way anything will change is if you make your frustrations known to the City Council.  Don’t expect someone else to do it for you because they won’t. Seriously.

Please take some time to read the pages linked at the top.  Thank you!

David Curlee
Fullerton, CA